(English) Educational Support

Although Thailand’s public school system aims to ensure education for everyone, the reality for children from poor families is much tougher. Many families struggle to afford the tuition fees, to pay for school uniforms and material.

Especially for children, who grow up in marginal communities without registered housing, educational prospects are especially grim. Their parents lack the funds to pay for schooling and the state refuses to contribute. Without external support these children end up helping at home or working in the streets, which puts them at danger of exploitation or abuse.

To prevent children from getting onto the wrong track, the HHN Foundation Thailand has launched a program particularly designed to help poor families send their children to school. We cover tuition fees, buy school uniforms and provide all the material needed for a child to do well in school. Once reintegrated into the schooling system we make sure the child keeps up with the lessons by helping with homework and extra tutoring.

To provide the children under our care with a maximum of quality education, the HHN Foundation Thailand provides a scholarship program. The program aims to foster talents and to encourage children in their studies.

To do so we cooperate with local and international schools, as well as with third party organization, such as the Rotary Club’s R.O.S.E. Program. Together with these partners, we are able to send talented children to special boarding schools or to organize studies abroad, for example in Australia.