Preventative Work

To prevent children from becoming run-aways or victims of exploitation, the CPDC Team established a day care program for the children living in Pattaya’s slums. The program provides recreational and remedial education activities taking place at the CPDC for children aged above 6 years. For the younger children the team will operate a mobile unit to work directly in the slums. The program’s aim is to inform children about the risks of being abused, especially when living alone on the streets by means of videos, games, and other materials.

Among the offered activities at CPDC are;

  • Tutoring for youths who have dropped out of school (or never attended school) in order to ensure literacy and life skill acquisition
  • IT and English classes for children from the slums and also for children who stay at the CPDC permanently
  • Sporting activities for children from the slums and from CPDC
  • Extracurricular activities (vegetable farming, theatre, music)
  • Counselling and medical care, especially for victims of abuse and for children in need of specialized care
  • Life skills classes (self protection, prevention of drug abuse, etc)

We recognize education is fundamental to protect children and prevent exploitation in the future. Therefore we support children who have dropped out of school or are at risk of doing so with tutoring; mediation between students, teachers and parents; and alternative vocational training for youths, who for any reason cannot attend school any more. Besides a quality education for the children we also focus on teaching interpersonal and practical skills in order to enable them to attain viable jobs. Examples are: Training in agricultural and life-stock farming, mechanics or hospitality. Supporting underprivileged children and young adults in these ways helps to break the vicious cycle of poverty and vulnerability.


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