Outreach Work

Outreach work is the first step towards reaching street children and those that have been, or are, at risk of being abused or exploited.

In 2010 we started to implement outreach activities on a large scale, using a pickup truck as a mobile base to reach children during the day and in the evenings. Our street workers try to establishing a relationship with the street children and children at risk of abuse, which is a fundamental first step towards a solid outreach protection program.

Specially trained CPDP team members contact and teach local populations of street children about the dangers of living on the street, focusing on human trafficking, drugs, crime and sexual abuse.

The outreach team also gathers information about paedophiles directly from the children on the street and is always in cooperation with the Royal Thai Police, Interpol and foreign police agencies, in order to facilitate the arrest of suspects.

The team also assists victims of abuse during the investigation and trial phases, directly and in partnership with NGOs offering legal support to victims. A Hotline is due to be set up for children to report situations of abuse in which our Team will directly investigate and report to the Royal Thai Police.


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