1. After the electric system has been put into place and the new Dining Sala has been finished, our next step will be the construction of two more residential houses.  The existing six houses are filled to capacity by now and there are children, especially boys, already awaiting admittance to the CPDC. With the two additional houses in place the center’s capacity will rise up to 60 or more children.

  2. Now that the Education Center is opened and activities with children living at the CPDC and children from Pattaya’s slums have started, it is our goal to set up a computer room and a library in order to ensure good educational prospects for the children in our care.

  3. The Drop-In Center in downtown Pattaya aims to reach out to even more children in the future by offering activities like video games and movies. This will attract street children and give us the opportunity to talk to them, to inform them about the dangers of life on the streets and to provide immediate help if needed.


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