Drop-in Center

The HHN Foundation Thailand established the Drop-In-Center (DC) in order to provide initial shelter and help for street children. The DC is located in downtown Pattaya where it is convenient to reach street kids wanting food, consultation and a safe place to stay.

The DC can provide immediate and unlimited help for kids who need help. The help provided is based on the standards of The Ministry of Social Development and Social Security, such as food, a place to stay, clothes and medicine.

Apart from the above services, the DC also provides consultation and behavior adjustment for all the children who have been  street kids or victims of human trafficking including  all other  kinds of abuse.  Consultation will be given  to the child and his/her family by  people who are close to the child. Moreover, in the long term, DC coordinates with other organizations for child protection concerning migrant children, victims of human trafficking and other forms of abuse and children affected directly and indirectly from the failure of their family.

The DC’s outreach program is based on The Child Protection Act.  2003, The Protection Act. 2007  for the victims of domestic violence  and The Prevention and Suppression of Human Trafficking Act. 2008.


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