Wild splash action at the Pattaya Orphanage
April 26, 2012

Songkran is Thailand’s New Year and takes place around the mid of April every year. In Pattaya this colorful celebration, which is the “Family Day” at the same time, takes place on the 19th of April every year. Therefore a great party was arranged by the Pattaya Orphanage joined by the staff and children of the PO and everyone from the CPDC as well as by all their friends. They all had a good start into the Thai New Year and every child from both projects had a memorable start to the New Year in customary fashion.

The day began with a traditional ceremony introduced by a parade of outstanding members of the staff and children wearing the Songkran traditional dresses. Some of the children also performed a typical dance suitable for the occasion. The element of water assumes an important role during the Songkran celebration and it is tradition that the younger generation pours water over the hands and shoulders of the older member of the family and friends in order to pay them respect. At the orphanage the older members included the teachers and senior members of the management and staff. In return, those distributed string bracelets symbolizing good luck for the New Year. Unavoidably, the traditional and gentle pouring of water developed into a wild water battle. Its only intention is to drench each other as much as possible. Of course during the hottest month of the year this is a great pleasure for every child. What is even more fun for them is to tease and wet their teachers-preferable without being seen-which they are only permitted on this occasion.  With this water splashing the PO was part of the city wide party when they moved to the front entrance on Sukhumvit.  Water was thrown on passersby who in return tried to drench the kids with the water guns and buckets they were armed with. To regain energy and enjoy, plenty of food and drinks were provided for everybody during the whole day. On this hot and wet day Songkran proved being a great pleasure for everyone, especially all the children, once again.