April 26, 2012

Wild splash action at the Pattaya Orphanage

Songkran is Thailand’s New Year and takes place around the mid of April every year. In Pattaya this colorful celebration, which is the “Family Day” at the same time, takes place on the 19th of April every year. Therefore a great party was arranged by the Pattaya Orphanage joined by the staff and children of the PO and everyone from the CPDC as well as by all their friends. They all had a good start into the Thai New Year and every child from both projects had a memorable start to the New Year in customary fashion.

April 11, 2012

Happy egg-hunting at the CPDC

Easter is not widely celebrated in Thailand but that didn’t deter our many supporters from all over the world from coming together at the Child Protection and Development Centre on Easter Sunday, the 8th of April, to celebrate this holiday with the CPDC children. This was a truly multicultural event which was also attended by our guests and children from the Mercy Pattaya Centre. The main focus of the day was to let the kids have fun and experience the Christian tradition of egg-hunting. Indeed, fun and laughter were in abundance during the entire hunt.

April 2, 2012

CPDC recruits new staff

A project can be only as successful as its members and supporters are competent. In order to amend the capacity of the CPDC new staff has been recruited, among them a director and a Manager of Children’s Welfare.